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EasyOS Forum & other links

July 21, 2020 — BarryK

Prior to July 2020, EasyOS had some discussion threads in the Murga Puppy Forum, in the "Puppy Derivatives" section. That forum is currently "down", and a new forum especially for EasyOS has been created:

So, if you would like to read the experiences of other users and/or contribute your own feedback, go for it!

There is a new Puppy Linux Forum, that has a section for EasyOS: can post there, however, Barry Kauler and other EasyOS users mostly hang out on the forum.

Barry Kauler, the creator of EasyOS, has a blog that he posts to nearly every day. Barry's posts to the blog are basically anything that interests him, including philosophy, ethics, technology,  and travel. There are specific threads within the blog, including one for EasyOS:

Please note that EasyOS is not Puppy Linux. EasyOS forked from Quirky Linux in 2017 (and Quirky forked from Puppy in 2013), and is a major rethink, including core support for containers. Barry created Puppy Linux in 2003 and remained at the helm until 2013, before turning control over to the "Puppy Community".

Barry still scans the Puppy Forum, and there is a lot of "cross pollination" with EasyOS, in particular sharing of PET packages. However, Barry cannot provide help if you have any issues with installing or using Puppy. Nor is it appropriate to post such questions to the forum.

For all Puppy-specific questions, please go to one of the Puppy forums: 

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