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January 01, 2022 — BarryK

Page first created: April 13, 2019

"Easy Linux", also known as "EasyOS" or "Easy OS" or "Easy" was created by Barry Kauler in January 2017, and the names are claimed for this project. The official host sites are and

The official blog for Easy Linux is, and the very first post, announcing version 0.2 in March 2017 is here:

Where not explicitly stated or implied, code, text, artwork and concepts are copyrighted to Barry Kauler, with GPL license version 3.

Barry Kauler has, to the best of his ability, uploaded a product in which all components are free to distribute. If any component is identified as not free, or has some legal or financial encumbrance, please notify Barry and it will be removed immediately.

Regarding responsibility for what has been uploaded for distribution on the Internet, although Barry has acted in good faith, there is a complete disclaimer of responsibility. This applies to everything, including code and documentation. You download and use Easy Linux with this understanding.  

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