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Translate EasyOS to your language

February 09, 2020 — BarryK

Originally posted January 12, 2020. Update Feb. 9: see comment about EasyPup at bottom of page.

It is quite easy to create a complete translation of EasyOS to any desired language. The tool used is MoManager, that was created for Puppy Linux in 2012, and is now used in various derivatives and forks of Puppy, including EasyOS. MoManager is a GUI application, originally written by Barry Kauler (BarryK in the forum) and now maintained by Lutz Ulrich (L18L in the forum). Here is the original announcement, in February 2012:


Coding for EasyOS

December 21, 2019 — BarryK

This is a page for developers, anyone who creates applications, utilities, or systems-level scripts, in a variety of languages, from shell script to compiled languages. If you are interested in getting involved in EasyOS development, read on...

I, Barry Kauler, am writing this page in the first-person, for more personal interaction. Any questions, there is a "Contact me" link at the top of this page -- though do note, although I read all messages, I don't always reply, or a reply might be delayed -- this is just a question of efficiency of time, and do recognise that I consider all suggestions, and often have to file them away for future consideration.